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What is iQ Monozukuri Packaging?
iQ Monozukuri Packaging is a complete, powerful engineering tool specifically designed for packaging operations to help OEMs and end users shorten development time for machines. The package provides an easy way to create projects based on cam profile function blocks, sample programs, and sample GOT screens. All of these pre-engineered solutions are accompanied by technical documentation. This product is available for both iQ-R and iQ-F Series Simple Motion Modules.

What is iQ Monozukuri Converting?
Like iQ Monozukuri Packaging is designed for packaging operations, iQ Monozukuri Converting is designed for printing and converting applications. It is a separate collection of function blocks for cam profiles, speed/torque control, sample programs, and sample GOT screens. iQ Monozukuri Converting is available for the iQ-R platform only.

What do I need?
For iQ Monozukuri Packaging:
iQ Monozukuri Packaging runs on Mitsubishi Electric hardware. The trial software needs to be downloaded to the iQ-F Series control platform FX5-40SSC-S or FX5-80SSC-S Simple Motion Modules. Contact us at for details on the use of this program with the iQ-R Series controller platform.

For iQ Monozukuri Converting:
iQ Monozukuri Converting is only for iQ-R Series hardware. The trial software needs to be downloaded to the iQ-R Series control platform RD77MS or RD77GF Simple Motion Modules.

What are the terms of the free trial?
The free trial is valid for 60 days after installation. After the 60-day trial period ends, the program created using iQ Monozukuri Packaging or iQ Monozukuri Converting will not be lost, however it will not run until a full purchased version is downloaded and installed. This offer is only available to those in North America and South America (excluding Brazil and Cuba).

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