Robot Diamond Assurance™

You need your robot to perform without problems. We can help.

Robot Diamond Assurance is Mitsubishi Electric Automation's preventive maintenance service for customers in the continental United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico. With regular, proper maintenance from Mitsubishi Electric factory trained technicians, you can avoid premature failure and costly, unplanned downtime.

Ease your mind with the Assurance that your robot is performing at peak condition.

Get the most out of your investment with Robot Diamond Assurance!

  • It's different from the standard limited warranty on our products. Your warranty covers breakdowns due to manufacturing defects of the robot and controller, whereas Robot Diamond Assurance protects your investment by providing regularly scheduled maintenance. And when you start up your Robot Diamond Assurance plan, we also take care of registering your robot for an extension of the limited warranty from 2 years to 3 years!

  • You do not have to contact Mitsubishi Electric to schedule maintenance under the program. We'll contact you instead when your robot is due for maintenance.

  • There are different tiers to the program that are tailored to different needs. For instance, we have special solutions for robots being used for high duty cycle applications.

  • Peace of mind goes a long way, and so do our service engineers. Robot Diamond Assurance covers the entire continental United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico.

Are you ready to protect your robot investment? Contact us today to get started.

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