Five Considerations when Modernizing HVAC Equipment Using VFDs

Date: Friday, Feburary 19, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CT
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Five Considerations when Modernizing HVAC Equipment Using VFDs2023 US Department of Energy regulations for commercial HVAC equipment are coming, and because of the different options available, few HVAC professionals will be prepared to adopt their current permanent magnet (PM) motor controllers. Our webinar will define the proper process of “modernizing” HVAC equipment, give a sneak peek of what’s to come regarding UL regulations, and discuss the following five considerations at length:

  • 2023 U.S. Department of Energy Efficiency Standard
  • Transition from UL1995 to UL 60335-2-40
  • Adoption of PM motor controllers
  • Building automation and the connectivity it requires
  • Rigorous tests to ensure quality of critical components

Meet the Presenter:

Deana Fu

Deana Fu
Senior Product Manager (VFD) - Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
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