Let your machine tell you it needs maintenance, before an emergency service call.

Wear and tear of mechanical systems is inevitable. Predictive maintenance functions can mitigate issues that used to be inescapable. Advances in remote monitoring and performance analytics provide advance notice of poor operation and impending breakdowns. Avoid production loss before it has a chance to kick in.

Significant cost savings can be gained through:

  1. Instant communication to operators about machine performance

  2. Visibility into every aspect of production throughput and quality

  3. Improved uptime and cycle times

  4. Performance analysis in real time

Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in factory automation, and has been designing automation technology for years. We have invested in developing machine intelligence technologies to provide OEMs the tools to stay ahead of the game. Download our free whitepaper, Innovative Predictive Maintenance Capabilities for Packaging Operations, to learn about predictive maintenance technologies and how you can take advantage of it in your machines.

About Mitsubishi Electric Automation:
As primary advocates of the Smart Machine movement, Mitsubishi Electric Automation puts critical machine and production information at your fingertips. We empower innovators to create superior solutions by providing products that have unmatched levels of precision and ease of integration. We care about the success of your business; combine that with our know-how, products, and services, you have the foundation for a trusted partnership.

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